Monday, February 27, 2012

We made it through the first two years!

Whenever I got pregnant with Victor and Scarlett, I heard two things "The first six months are the hardest" and "The first two years are the hardest" I breathed a sigh of relief after the first six months passed and now, I'm amazed at how 'easy' life with twins has turned out. I do feel like a major milestone has passed simply because when we leave the house, I'm not bringing a diaper bag full of bottles, diapers and clothes. In fact I carry so little I actually forgot the diaper bag this weekend (which is an entirely separate post) I don't have to stop and put three pairs of shoes on, stuff six arms in coats and smush hats on three little heads. They are very independent, sometimes more than I want them to be. But I am amazed at how much fun and pure bliss being a mother of three young children gives me. 

Two weekends ago we celebrated Victor and Scarlett's 2nd Birthday. There was much debate about what type of decorations we wanted on the cake. Toy Story is Victor's favorite (followed by a very close 'Lion King') and Tinkerbell is still Scarlett's favorite (sometimes the only thing that makes her smile). We had to explain that Victor would celebrate the same day as Scarlett because you both have the same birthday. So we had two separate cakes and decorated half for Toy Story, half for Tinkerbell. Girls sat on one end of the table, boys on the other. 

Victor, my sweet fun boy, blew out his two candles before we finished singing 'Happy Birthday.' Scott had barely set the cake in front of him and the candles were done. 

We're still singing, Victor is ready for cake.

Scarlett didn't blow out her candles, she looked at us like "You want me to do what?"

The next several pictures are eating cake and opening presents. After every present Victor opened he walked around the room telling everyone what it was.

 After all the guests were gone Victor and Scarlett curled up in their 'beds' and went 'night night.'

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