Monday, February 27, 2012

We made it through the first two years!

Whenever I got pregnant with Victor and Scarlett, I heard two things "The first six months are the hardest" and "The first two years are the hardest" I breathed a sigh of relief after the first six months passed and now, I'm amazed at how 'easy' life with twins has turned out. I do feel like a major milestone has passed simply because when we leave the house, I'm not bringing a diaper bag full of bottles, diapers and clothes. In fact I carry so little I actually forgot the diaper bag this weekend (which is an entirely separate post) I don't have to stop and put three pairs of shoes on, stuff six arms in coats and smush hats on three little heads. They are very independent, sometimes more than I want them to be. But I am amazed at how much fun and pure bliss being a mother of three young children gives me. 

Two weekends ago we celebrated Victor and Scarlett's 2nd Birthday. There was much debate about what type of decorations we wanted on the cake. Toy Story is Victor's favorite (followed by a very close 'Lion King') and Tinkerbell is still Scarlett's favorite (sometimes the only thing that makes her smile). We had to explain that Victor would celebrate the same day as Scarlett because you both have the same birthday. So we had two separate cakes and decorated half for Toy Story, half for Tinkerbell. Girls sat on one end of the table, boys on the other. 

Victor, my sweet fun boy, blew out his two candles before we finished singing 'Happy Birthday.' Scott had barely set the cake in front of him and the candles were done. 

We're still singing, Victor is ready for cake.

Scarlett didn't blow out her candles, she looked at us like "You want me to do what?"

The next several pictures are eating cake and opening presents. After every present Victor opened he walked around the room telling everyone what it was.

 After all the guests were gone Victor and Scarlett curled up in their 'beds' and went 'night night.'

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Holiday Season was busy, what other excuse do I have?

Scott decided to be brave this year and informed me we would be hosting our own Thanksgiving dinner. Of course we planned everything and I made list upon list, but I think we had a very delicious dinner. Except Scott screwed up the gravy (because I refused to make something complicated that I don't even like) and my Grandma had to save the day. We put our turkey in a brine, so so so good and moist. We've already got plans for next year. My parents and grandmother came over for the evening, this picture of Scarlett and my Mamaw is the only picture I have from that day. This is when Scarlett started her bad habit of pulling her pants down. Its moments like these that I cherish and am very glad Scott and I chose to raise our little family so close to our parents and some extended family. 

The day after Thanksgiving we got a dog, a basset hound named Willow. It was my decision, because I knew I would be the one cleaning up her messes, and really whats a few more messes on the floor when you have kids? Scott and I really love Christmas so we start decorating right away. We decorated our tree Sunday after Thanksgiving, it quickly became a favorite spot for Willow to lay, and chew on the branches or pull paper off presents.

One Saturday we set aside an hour or two to decorate cookies. I think Victor and Scarlett just ate the candy.

Keller did a good job putting candy on his cookie, but it never stayed on the cookie longer than a few minutes.

Scott's parents bought tickets for everyone to ride on the Polar Express in Dennison, Ohio. This was a real train ride, we listened to the story 'The Polar Express', drank hot chocolate and ate a cookie, then we met the conductor, Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus while passing through the North Pole. Everyone was encouraged to wear their pajamas like they do in the book.

Keller really enjoyed himself. He answered trivia questions about the book and ran (bypassing a few other kids) right up to Santa to request a Thomas the Train Table for Christmas. That's the first time he's ever embarrassed me in public, I'm surprised we lasted so long.
Scarlett, whom we call Miss Priss, because she has an attitude and is normally to shy to look at any strangers, went right to Santa Claus with a big smile.

Christmas morning was so much fun, we were able to keep the kids interested in everyone's gifts so we could open them all one at a time.

 Scarlett is not photogenic in the morning.
 Victor of course is very photogenic. Victor and Keller are always the first one up after me. Scott and Scarlett take some time waking up in the mornings.

Can you see Scarlett covered in Tinkerbell. She really gets a big grin on her face anytime she sees something remotely Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell blanket, doll, pjs, house shoes, necklace and bracelet.

We unwrapped presents in the morning, ate our traditional breakfast of monkey bread and got ready for church. This is the best family picture we have for now. This past Saturday we got professional family pictures and pictures of the kids taken. So next week I'll have new pictures to pass around to family. I think the twins were 4 months old the last time we took pictures of them!  

Lets talk about what each kid is doing now... I know I have twins, but Victor and Scarlett are so different.

Scarlett, loves to dress herself, pick out her clothes, and put on her pink cowboy boots. She likes to cuddle and sleep in with Daddy on Saturday mornings. She is very stubborn and has an attitude when she wants her way, she loves to test the limits. She likes anything Tinkerbell. She likes to color and play with play doh, she already holds a crayon/pen the correct way. Keller doesn't even do this!?!?

Victor likes sports balls and animals especially dinosaurs. His new love is Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear and Rex. He is very independent and must do things on his own or he throws a fit. He helps out a lot at home and does most things I ask of him. He listens really well. He still talks a lot, and smiles a lot, and is very goofy and acts like a ham.

Keller is growing up too fast. I'm starting to wonder if he will ever get over Lightning McQueen or Thomas, still his two favorite toys. He does everything he is supposed to and even cleans his room when I ask, sometimes when I don't ask! Keller sometimes doesn't listen and is starting to talk back. He picks up phrases easily and uses them appropriately (or not appropriately). I told him we were going to pick up toys and go to bed and he said "Are you kidding me!!?" He picked that one up from me. Its so hard to discipline instead of laugh.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall 2011

How to come back after an almost 3 month absence? Just drop a bunch of pictures or make one marathon post? I can't decide, I'll figure it out at the end, so here we go. 

School started for Scott again in the middle of August, we quickly adjusted to the new routine and he's been getting little projects finished before winter. 

Keller is going through a personality change. One minutes he's the most well-mannered child and the next I think "Who in the world is that" Maybe that's how it is with all kids?

Victor, talks a mile a minute, I just wish I knew what he said. Victor completes long sentences full of gestures, facial expression and pointing fingers. Yet we still can't understand him. When he sticks to one sentence commands, we're fine. 'Dink' 'Ball' 'Qurr Qurr' (Squirrel, he has a stuffed squirrel that he loves) 'Dog Dog'  

Scarlett is still a demanding little girly girl, loves all things Tinkerbell and likes Mommy's jewelry, make-up and shoes. Already! She makes herself heard quite clearly, 'NO!' 'No No No No!' and 'Nooooo' She used to be so agreeable, always saying 'yeah!' now she says 'no' and frowns like her Daddy. 

For some reason my office gets really busy in the fall, like everyone is trying to make up for a slow summer. So that's my excuse for not posting more frequently. We're all enjoying the fall weather, we love our wood stove (I love it because Scott always carries in the wood and builds the fire, I sweep up the ash and dirt) We've spent weekends and several evenings splitting, loading and carrying wood. Physical work always gives you such a great feeling of accomplishment. 

Victor and I like to sit in this chair and cuddle with our blankets. He has one fleece blanket that is his favorite, he carries it and his squirrel around with him as often as possible. Sometimes on lazy Saturday mornings he takes a nap right on my lap. 
 What a big pumpkin! Victor loves pumpkins and loves to point them out. He also loves deer, and got very excited when three deer stood in front of our car on the road last night. 

Scarlett loves to dress up. Her Mawmaw and Pawpaw got her this outfit from Hawaii, I've had to hide it recently, because I'm tired of sweeping up the grass!

And here's Tinkerbell! I couldn't stand to spend $20 (per kid) at a store when I could make everything myself and only spend $20 total. I used this tutorial for Scarlett's costume and improvised a little. 

 She's happy and that's what matters. Scarlett really liked her big pumpkin too. Scott carved Keller and Scarlett's pumpkins in the same amount of time it took me to carve Victor's. 

More pictures of all our Halloween activities to come later.